Creative Makeovers: Decorating Your Handcrafted Dolls House Furniture Sets


Welcome to a world where the charm of London, the elegance of Rome, the coziness of Stockholm, and the buzz of New York come alive in our dollhouses! Our collection of handcrafted dollhouse furniture sets for the House of London, House of Rome, House of Stockholm, and House of New York are designed to capture the essence of these iconic cities. Here’s how you can decorate each dollhouse with its unique furniture set, ensuring your child’s playtime is not just fun, but a global adventure.

Start with a Theme

Before you dive into painting and fabric choices, decide on a theme for your wooden dollhouse. Whether it’s Victorian elegance, modern chic, or fantasy wonderland, a cohesive theme will guide your decoration decisions, making the process smoother and the outcome more harmonious. Remember, the theme you choose should reflect the story you want your dollhouse to tell.

House of London: Classic Elegance Meets Modern Play
Our House of London

dollhouse exudes the timeless elegance of the British capital. Its furniture set includes a miniature Chesterfield sofa, a classic fireplace, and a quaint dining set fit for a royal tea.
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House of Rome: A Taste of Italian Grandeur


Welcome to the House of Rome, a miniature marvel that embodies the splendor of the Eternal City. With its mini design furniture and acccesories that whisper tales of Italian villas perfect for all sweet evenings, this dollhouse is a portal to Italian luxury in a child’s playroom.

On the ground floor, discover a quaint bakery an array of sweet accessories that promise hours of imaginative baking play. Tiny bread loaves, croissants, and an assortment of pastries are meticulously crafted to resemble the bountiful produce of a Roman ‘pasticceria’.

Your child’s House of Rome isn’t just a toy; it’s a storybook, and a creative retreat all wrapped into one splendid wooden dollhouse. With each play session, your child will embark on a new journey through the cobbled streets of Rome, without ever leaving the comfort of home.

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House of Stockholm: Scandinavian Simplicity for Farming

Embrace the simplicity and functionality of Scandinavian design with our House of Stockholm. This dollhouse’s furniture set is all about minimalist lines, soothing colors, and modern functionality. Think of a cozy fireplace setup, simple yet stylish kitchen units, and a nursery that’s as sweet as it is serene. Soft pastels and functional designs create a space that’s both calming and inspiring.
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House of New York: The City That Never Sleeps in Miniature
The House of New York

dollhouse brings the vibrant energy of the Big Apple into your home. The attic-style bedroom, a contemporary living room, and a delightful playroom come together in a furniture set that is even more beautiful than your dreams.

Tips for Decorating Your Dollhouse:

* Wallpapers and Textiles:

Choose patterns and textures that reflect each city’s character. From London’s soft prints to Stockholm’s clean lines, these elements can set the scene for imaginative play.
* Mix and Match: While each set is themed, don’t be afraid to mix elements from different cities to encourage


* Lighting can dramatically change the ambiance of your wooden dollhouse. Consider integrating tiny LED lights into rooms to highlight certain areas or create a warm glow. LED lights can add magic and realism to your dollhouse, transforming it into a captivating scene, especially in low-light conditions.


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