Antonella Di Benedetto: An illustrator who primarily designs colorful and cute World maps, making maps appealing to our children.

Rosa Choe Art: Korean illustrator Rosa specializes in illustrations featuring soft themes. We believe that Rosa Choe Art’s designs of clouds, the moon, rainbows, and stars will expand the boundaries of our children’s imaginations as part of Little Forest Animals. We also think you will love the traditional Korean illustrations included in our collection.

Tani Girard: We adore the peace and serene atmosphere that the artist adds to our rooms with her floral motifs. We believe that you will also feel the scent of flowers in your room.

Luu Thuy: A Vietnamese illustrator who primarily creates cute animal illustrations. The artist, who makes her artworks with drawing pencils in real settings, is one of our favorites.

Emily Skinner: Known primarily for her alphabet illustrations, Emily beautifies children’s rooms while also making English words more memorable through visual memory. Noah’s Ark, Flower Fairy, and Rainbow Fairy, as part of Little Forest Animals, have become favorites in our home.

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